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Adult ADHD Support Group

  • ADHD Support Group Format: 50% Education and 50% Discussion             
  • There are currently two groups being offered, an introductory series and an ongoing group on Wednesday evenings.
  • Details about both groups can be found below.  
  • The groups meet at 2050 St. Clair Avenue, Suite 1E, St Paul, MN 55105
  • People who attend this group have commented that being with others with ADHD can have a "normalizing effect".  
  • They have also shared that attending has helped them to better understand their ADHD and develop coping strategies that have helped them function better in daily living and contributed to greater satisfaction at work and in their personal life. 


ADHD Introductory Series (Thursdays)

This Introductory series runs several times per year and is developed for individuals who wish to gain more information about ADHD.  The next series is noted below:


  Demystifying Adult ADHD    January 16, 2014  10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


 Topics Explored:
  • ADHD Symptoms and brain functioning
  • Symptoms of the symptoms: secondary affects of ADHD


  Scaffolding For Success       January 23, 2014    10:30 AM – 12:00 PM



Topics Explored:

  • Medication

  • Sleep


  Tackling Clutter                  January 30, 2014    10:30 AM–12:00 PM



Topics Explored:​

  • An amputation of possibilities: Why is it so hard to let go of "stuff"?

  • Q & A with a professional organizer


  Self-Sustaining Systems     February 7, 2014   10:30 AM-12:00 PM



Topics Explored:

  • Is lasting change really possible?
  • Avoiding extreme peaks & valleys in performance.
  • Tailored, automated systems for the major priorities of your life.

   Frequently Asked Questions




  Who attends the groups?

  • People recently diagnosed with ADHD and people with ADHD looking for additional coping strategies.
 How many people typically attend?
  • Groups range from 6-10 people.
 Do I have to attend all of the classes?​​
  • Members are not required to attend all the sessions.  However, there is a no show policy for people who register and cancell less than 24 hours prior to the start of the the group session.
 Does insurance cover the group sessions?
  • Insurance plans vary but members may be able to access their insurance to pay for a portion of the session cost.
 What is the cost to attend the sessions if I pay privately?
  • The cost is $50 per session.

 How do I register for the class?

  • Send an email to
  • Call 651-760-3957


 Poll for Alternate Dates to Attend An Adult ADHD Group

  • Unable to attend the the current Series but would like to be a part of a second Adult ADHD Group?
  • Click on the link to vote for alternate times to attend a group.


Caregiver Support Group

Our caregiver support groups are designed to help those who are caring for a loved one with serious physical and/or mental health difficulties.  This group gives you a place to share support and understanding with others who are facing similar challenges, and to learn strategies that can help you to feel better.  The format of this group is 50% educational and 50% group discussion, with a special emphasis on sharing one’s experience.

Please contact us for future groups.


Grief & Loss Support Group

Our grief and loss support groups are offered to individuals who are working through a meaningful and difficult loss in their life. This group gives you the opportunity to seek out a deeper meaning in your experience through listening to the stories of other group members, and through sharing your own. The group format is 50% educational and 50% group discussion.
Please contact us for future groups.