It’s hard to explain how important Ken’s coaching has been for me.

Working with Ken has helped me develop a completely new way to accept my ADHD and develop ways of getting things done that work for me. What he offers isn’t something you can get from a book or by reading an ADHD website – it’s personalized and supportive. We’ve set up my schedule and my systems to support MY life, not someone else’s. He’s got a wonderful “bag of tricks” with suggestions for how to keep on top of things I fight doing, but Ken really makes sure that I determine which of the systems is going to work for my life based on his gentle, diplomatic, but rigorous questioning. He understands that little things like not keeping my palm pilot calendar synchronized with my computer’s calendar really could be the key for me. Whether it’s a little thing or a big thing (like reorienting my priorities), Ken is flexible enough to work with whatever is the problem of my week but strong enough to stop me from wasting time in a session.

I’ve had to face the fact that I can’t always do what I set out to do when I get distracted. Several times I didn’t want to have a session with Ken because I would have to admit to myself that I achieve my goals and that was hard for me to face. But I have kept my appointments because Ken’s mix of empathy, support, and ‘tough love’ has me dusting myself off and doing things in a way that works better for me next time. Ken’s office is in another state, and I have met him in person only once, but he is such a great coach it has not mattered at all.  My husband has never met him, but thinks Ken is great because I’m more effective and much happier.  I’m taking ADHD medication, and my psychiatrist has referred other patients to Ken as a result of what he’s seen Ken do for me!

– Edie Johns, former healthcare management executive (Chicago, IL)

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